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Monthly Mix : June 2013


Original Music (old demos)

About CJ Storm

CJ Storm hails from the heart of Silicon Valley. He has an extensive background in music that is recognized Internationally as well as the Entertainment Industry.

A well round composer and musician who has known his way around numerous musical instruments. Though he mainly plays acoustic guitar, he also plays keys, strings, percussion and various woodwinds and brass instruments. Two of the instruments that CJ brags about are his Hammond Organ and Accordion.

With a background in computers, the Electronica art form has been emerging within the creative music process.

Through the years, there have been tons of talented musicians and creative artists that CJ has had the privilege to perform with in the past. With a hand full of those musicians, he has played so many bands, groups and ensembles. Some of the more notable teams have been: 88, Wren, Common Theory, Just for now, Apollos Haven and ‘the legendary DragonBallZ’.

Also being approached my industry professionals, CJ has also lent his talents to the Silver Screen, Independent Films and Television shows.

Minoring in Music from State was just a small milestone in the progression of musical evolution. CJ was raised in a musically incline household. His father was a pianist / guitarist and his mother is a vocalist / lyricist. At the age of four, he was sounding out nursery rhymes that his mother would sing to him, by ear on the piano.

Formal education began in 3rd grade as he decided to play the flute. Though he played flute for 2 years he was able to translate instrument fingering to other woodwind and brass instruments. From there, the spark of music grew to a raging fire as he picked up the guitar.

Just Prior to the turn of the century, CJ recognized a need for local acoustic musicians that played in the local coffee houses. Investing what little money that he made from selling CDs into recording equipment. Having engineered and produced recording sessions for numerous talents from the SF Bay Area.  He contributed to boost in acoustic music scene in the SF Bay Area by hosting Open Mics, offered affordable recorded demos and ability to have music played on college and community radio.

In his high school days, CJ played the Colleges and Universities along the West Coast.

Some of the other places that music has taken CJ is North America (Canada), Central and South America. Also Indonesia and the Philippines.

Mainly playing in the SF Bay Area, CJ frequently travels to So Cal (San Diego) to play with Alien Monster. A rock trio with a huge fan base and that had opened from several International Superstars.

Lastly, CJ is a photographer / videographer for a high-end luxury automobile company.  He is the official nightlife photographer for the Metro Newspapers and official photographer for two radio stations in the SF Bay Area.  His images and videos have been featured in many publications both in print and online.

Contact: CJ Storm

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