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The Mini Monster Mix is a different approach to mix presentation.


These are a just some of the edits that CJ uses during a DJ comparison to just playing a track out like all the other previous 'Monthly Mixes'.


Hopefully you enjoy this style of presentation.  


Mini Monster Mix


In an attempt to change things around, CJ will be changing style and presentation of the Monthly Mixes.


Being that next months presentation is going to be different, here is this Months' Monthly Mix.


July 2014 Mix


May the 4th be with you, always.


Happy Father's Day


Thanks Dad!!


Congrats to the all those that graduated.


The sky is not your limit anymore. Soar past it, toward the stats and beyond.


“School's out for summer, school's out for ever...”


For this monthly mix, here is an opportunity to kick of the summer festivities with the CJ's June Monthly Mix. Enjoy.


June 2014 Mix


Thank you to those have served.


The Maker's Faire

CJ didn't play this event but I figure to mention this as it is just full of modern wonderfully creative inventions. Definitely a great place to draw inspiration from.


Happy Mother's Day


Thanks Mom!!


With so many work related projects, CJ is releasing a mix for the month of May.  Hope you enjoy it.


May 2014 Mix


Hoping your Easter festivities was a fun one.  If you didn't find the treasure during your Easter Egg hunt, perhaps CJ's April 2014 mix will be a great runner-up prize.


April 2014 mix


With deep regret to our So-Cal fans, Alien Monster will NOT be performing at the 1st Annual Global Festival due to a issue with the city of Santa Monica.


Also, CJ Storm will not be DJing the 1st Annual Global Festival in Santa Monica.


We will keep you informed as more opportunities arise.


It seems as though, CJ Storm will be, once again, pulling double duty with both performing with Alien Monster and DJing at the 1st Annual Global Festival in Santa Moncia.  


CJ Storm is confirmed to kick off all 3 days.


On April 11-13 - CJ's band, Alien Monster will be playing the Main Stage the 1st Annual Global Festival in Santa Moncia, CA on the 3rd Street Promenade.


Please come out and support.


How crazy was you Fat Tuesday?  Keep up the craziness with CJ's new mix for March.  You can check it out on Mixcloud.


March 2014 Mix


CJ will be playing the 2014 Oakland Runner's Festival on March 23rd in Snow Park.


Opening the main stage from 8 - 11am.


Alien Monster will be playing at a 3 day festival down in Southern California.  


More details will be coming soon!!


Happy Valentine's Day (or Anti-Valentine's)


Either which way, CJ would like for you to listen to the February mix.


February 2014 Mix


Hoping you had a great NYE.  


Make any New Year's resolutions?  If not, how about listening to CJ's monthly mixes.  You can start with this month.


January 2014 Mix


CJ wil be DJing a 3+ hour set to open the Main Stage at the Runner's Festival on March 23.


more details as time progresses.


Happy Holidays.


Here are a few mixes that you can enjoy during this holiday season.


December 2013 Mix

December 2013 Mix (extra 1)

December 2013 Mix (extra 2) late night session




Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you have a great 'Turkey Day'.


This mix was originally performed at a event from last June (2013)

     November 2013 Mix  (is just over 2 hrs.)


Also included for the month's mix are two CJ Storm edits.

     Annie in Paris

     Summertime Sadness


Happy sweeten your sweet tooth, CJ is sharing his October mixes.  You can listen to them at MixCloud.

October 2013 Mix

October 2013 Mix (extra)

October 2013 Mix (Stuck in the 80's)


CJ released 3 music mixes for the month of September.  Blending different styles of the EDM genre.  


CJ will be DJing at Kin Yoobi Con 2013 on August 10th from 11pm to 12a in Ballroom III / IV.  (Click for more infromation)


(Revision)...also added date on August 11th from 12p - 1p at the "Golden Carnival" area


July 25th show at the Hard Rock in San Diego, CA is being sponsored by:  FM 94.9 and 619 Vodka.  Sooo…listen to FM 94.9 and purchase lots of 619 vodka (please drink responsibly)   


Officially launched new and improved website.  

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