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This tune started off as an acoustic song, meant for the coffee shop music scene. 

Then my SoCal band decided to adapt it to our rock out set. 
Then, for some strange reason I ended up adapting it for the mandolin. 

I'm afraid that it may turn into a hi-NRG/progressive trance track in the future. 
Who knows? (I hope not)

A Blinking Red Light

A Blinking Red Light is the last of the Electronica Drum and Bass series.


(Lemon) Drops was written during CJ's coffee shop days.  Playing open mic after open mic, around the major universities and downtown areas. 

(Lemon) Drops was about a relationship that never happened and the "what if's" of the missed connection.

The Intermittent Sound of Rain Drops

The Intermittent Sound of Rain Drops was inspired from a television show. 
It is also a part of the DnB project.


'Hello' was written in a hotel room in San Diego. 
It was early morning when I picked up the guitar and started strumming. The lyrics were rolling around in my head from the previous day of flight and practice. 

This version is quite different then originally performed with Alien Monster (San Diego band).

In The Beginning...

"In The Beginning..." was part of the Drum and Bass set for the independent film.

She Stands...

"She Stands..." was occasionally performed during my open mic coffee shop days. 

This song is about Max Stering and Miriya Parina's first date.

Something You Hadn't Tried

'Something You Hadn't Tried' was arranged along side  'Sex, Drills and Pulp' and are a part of 4 other drum n bass tunes.


dELIRIOUS was written many moons ago about/for a friend who ended up becoming more than a friend.

Sex, Drills and Pulp

Sex, Drills and Pulp is DnB track that was original arranged for an independent film.
Unfortunately, the film project lost its funding.

Infinitely Comprised of Nano Beings

Infinitely Comprised of Nano Beings was written a few days before Christmas 2016.  

(more info to come)

Can't Erased The Mistakes

(no album, no collection)

Can't Erased The Mistakes is a electronic tune that was composed sometime ago.

Kung Fu Lust

This is an older tune that CJ performed during the coffee shop years. 

There are several versions of this tune performed with Alien Monster and one of CJ's momentary bands named, Common Theory.

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