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Hello (recorded live)

Hello was written by CJ Storm and was performed at various coffee shops around the San Jose / Santa Clara area.

This song is the lead song on the "Don't Break EP".

Hazey (recorded live)

This is third version of this song.  Originally written as a Hard Rock tune and performed with CJ Storm's band from San Diego.  (there are a couple of videos of the original version floating around). CJ Storm decided to take a different approach.  

This songs was also released as a single.

Infinitely Comprised of Nano Beings (recorded live)

Infinitely Comprised of Nano Beings was actually an instrument / equipment sound check.  

Sex, Drills and Pulp


Sex, Drills and Pulp is/was part of a soundscape experiment to unravel the complexities of a sound generator sync with a DAW.  

As a joke, CJ Storm dropped Sex, Drill and Pulp into a DJ set and was surprised with the reception by the crowd.  

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